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How to Take a Printout Using the Canon Printer
Following the steps given below, you can take the printout using your canon printer;

Go to the file location where you have stored the document or image you need to print.
Then open the document or image.
Hit the command, i.e.�Ctrl + P�, using your keyboard.
Then the print screen opens up.
These windows will show you various options.
The first will be to select your Printer.
If you have only one printer connected to your device, then there is no need to select this column.
But if multiple printers are connected, then go for the printer, i.e. your canon model.
Now select the margins as Portrait or landscape.
Then select the number of pages you want to print if it�s a PDF.
Then also select the number of printers you need.
Finally, selecting all the parameters, you can click on the print button.
The command goes to your canon printer, either wired or wireless.
Then load up the pages in the printer pages tray.
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