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What's so special about N95 folding masks?
The KN95 protective face masks come with five protection layers. It helps to filter out the toxic pollutants from the atmosphere before you inhale them. It comes with an adjustable nose pin while being supported by elastic circular loops for your comfort. Similarly, the N95 folding protective masks are designed to cover your nose and mouth. This assists in keeping the viruses, foreign particles, and germs away from your respiratory system and body.
Besides, the KN95 masks are crafted with utmost care for ensuring you remain protected even while stepping out amidst pollutants and viruses. The mask comes with five protective layers that, in turn, are successfully filtering out PM 2.5 finest particles while ensuring you only breathe in clean air. Featuring elastic ear loops, these masks ensure intense comfort around your ears. Its malleable nose pin will allow you to put the mask on your nose and face comfortably.
Features of these masks
� They are crafted out of non-woven fabric.
� They come with five layers for filtration purposes
� They are successful in filtering out the 2.5 PM particles
� They come with stretchable and elastic ear loops that you can easily adjust around your ears
� Adjustable and malleable nose pin
� It allows you to breathe comfortably
� They come with a high degree of particle filtration efficiency
Product specifications
� content-type: KN95 Masks
� product weight: 100 gm
� color: white
� dimensions: 5 X 0.5 X 4 cm
Ways of using KN95 protective face mask
� Make sure to hang the mask's elastic earloop on both sides of your ear
� Make sure to adjust it properly for ensuring it is covering both your mouth and nose
� The metal strips have to be pressed on both sides on the bridge of your nose
How can I reuse these masks?
After using them daily, hang these masks in a well-ventilated and dry place. To retain their filtration capacities, avoid washing these masks.

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